About Epixel Solutions

Epixel always stands unique in providing various solutions for your business ideas in a customized way. Bringing ease to a business is not that simple as it should also need to ensure success. We help you identify the space for blockchain in your business assuring high secure options.

The term blockchain is heard in the mainstream and brings transparency in the transactions done through it. The blockchain is a cryptographically secure distributed ledger publically maintained and modified. As it is the case, it is getting popularised among the business leads. The technology brings in new changes in the business room making it much easier. The use cases of this technology are significantly wide-spreading and create a direct impact on various business models.

We help you build your business utilizing the full potential of the blockchain technology. It ranges from ICO development including Ideation, white paper preparation, ICO campaigning, cryptocurrency development etc. All these services are provided with full support and attention.

Considering and understanding the business needs, we help you bring certainty and reliability to your transactions. Come with an idea move in a smarter way.

ICO Development

Initial coin offering (ICO) is crowdfunding itself exclusively for the blockchain. On funding or investing, the investors will be provided with tokens or coins which they can exchange with other currencies after the project launch.

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Give a start to your business with the most effective way to attract funding and investing. Initial Coin Offering is organized through which funds are collected for your project in return for the tokens. We help you come with a better idea.

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White paper creation

The first step in ICO is the releasing of a white paper detailing the timeline, goals etc that help the business model. Make ICO successful, market in the right way to convince the people that the business is a real deal.

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ICO campaigning

After the ICO launch crypto coins or tokens should be made available for the investors which will have value in the future. On raising sufficient funds, the project will be lifted to the next level. Once the project gets launched the tokens can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Smart contract development

Go smart with smart contracts

Smart contract is a digital contract which contains set of rules written in the form of codes which is available in the blockchain network. As there is no third party involvement, it is a coded agreement between two or more parties triggered through a series of rules offering high security and giving validity to every transaction.

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Smart contract and business

Smart contracts are important in a business for its low risk and more security features. Users can trust everything on a blockchain for its authenticity. A Smart contract can be a set of promises written in the digital form, and it is executed using consensus protocols; group decision - making mechanisms where the members develop and agree to support a decision.

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Smart contract vs Traditional contract

A smart contract has become a vital part of any computer network, bringing certainty and reliability to the transactions. The speed and accuracy are offered in a smart contract and it is cost effective comparing to the traditional methods as it has a limited number of intermediaries. As it runs using consensus protocols and its immutability assures a lesser risk in execution.

Smart contract and ICO

Smart contract and ICO

Building a good relationship between the investor and the entrepreneur is somewhat difficult in a business especially when two or more unknown persons get involved in it. So it is always advisable to keep a smart contract mentioning all the conditions, even when the project gets dropped it should not affect the money invested.

Cryptocurrency development

Your cryptocurrency, your asset, your medium of transfer!

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Cryptocurrency wallet development

Cryptocurrency wallet is a software; the users can transfer and earn digital currencies. These currencies can be transacted only on the blockchain technology. For the safe and secure transfer of currencies, a public and private key is assigned.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange development

The current scenario in the financial sector is all about the transaction with the virtual currency that is the cryptocurrencies. For ensuring the safe and secure transactions there is a need for a platform which provides a bug-free transaction thereby preventing the unnecessary.

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Cryptocurrency Coin creation

We help you build a medium of value exchange creating unique crypto coins to meet your business needs and make transactions under blockchain.

Transform your business to better levels with Epixel Blockchain development platform.